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June 1st, 2014

Do I Need to Think About Chakra Energy

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It is a reality that we can not touch or see our chakras, however they are always working to assist sustain the human body. In order for the chakras to be in stability, the body should be nourished effectively with food and relaxation so that it delights in good health. The 7 chakras have certain foods that nurture them even more than others. Root veggies and foods that are rich in protein and spices assist to nourish the root chakra. The sacral chakra that associates with the sexual and innovative being is nourished by such foods as sweet fruits, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla and seeds such as sesame and caraway. Spicy mints, milk products, yogurt, pastas, bread and grains nurture the solar plexus chakra that inspires our sense of self self-confidence and self love.

Love yourself: Unless you are able to enjoy yourself, you will definitely not have the ability to accept love or love others. Love produces effective effects on your mind and spirit which impact your chakra health positively. Be attuned to your feelings. You have to acknowledge your sensations and have the ability to link them to others when required. Quelching your feelings is bad for your psychological or spiritual wellness and will cause blockages of negative energy in your chakras. Be innovative: Bring your imagination into play in everything you do. This makes your life a more rewarding one and keeps your energy flow healthy.

Chakra Test is a kind of test for the 7 centers of energy in the body and to find which centers are open, over-active or under-active in getting and transmitting energies. According to science, these chakras are necessary nerve ganglia which produce from the spine chord and are truly points of energy which are put in a vertical and straight line from the base of the spinal column upto the crown of the head. The 7 chakras pointed out are mostly the crown of the head, 3rd eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, the sacral and the Base chakras. These chakras are called according to where they are located in the body. They have their roots in old Hinduism and are specified to show the physical, spiritual, psychological, and mental elements of an individual.

The Base of the 7 Chakras, is situated at the base of the spine, nearby to the genitals and the anus and connects to your impulses, survival and identity. This is called the Muladhar chakra. The feeling that you experience when you hear your nation’s nationwide hymn, see someone from your country winning a gold medal or watch your best friend get married, are the duty of the Muladhar chakra. Another of the chakras is that of Swadhisthana which is represented by an orange colored, 6 petalled lotus and is situated above the Muladhar Chakra in the human sacrum. Understood to separate given that the age of 7, it stands physically for reproduction while psychologically it means relationships, partnership, making options, our standard psychological needs, and fulfillment.

The chakra is a point in the body that is connected with, and transmits the life force energy. The word ‘chakra’ comes from the sanskrit and literally implies ‘spinning wheel or sphere of energy’. It is traditionally believed by the Hindu’s that there are nearly 90,000 chakra points in the body. These nonetheless are minimized essentially to 7 chakra points. These run along the spine from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. The seven major chakra’s are as follows; solar plexus/stomach chakra, heart chakra, 3rd eye/brow chakra, crown chakra, naval/sex chakra, base or root chakra and the throat chakra. What these major chakra’s do, is they take energy from a persons environments and assist to send these energies to a person’s body. It is shared that they can directly impact the activities of a person in such locations as: psychological, psychological, spiritual or magical, and even corporeal.

Be ingenious: Bring your imagination into play in your everyday life. This makes your life a more rewarding one and keeps your energy flow healthy. Accepting the presence of past lives and picking up from them. This will offer you an enhanced self awareness which will aid you to better practice chakra clearing. Be the change you want to see on the planet: Live your life in accordance with the concepts of sincerity, regard and trust. Prayer, like mind-calming exercise will keep your chakras in balance and help you to keep health. Prayer quietens our minds and opens the chakras. The above are all effective chakra stabilizing strategies which we have to incorporate in our lives. Although chakra clearing takes time, it should be done regularly and constantly for us to enjoy its benefits in living a healthy life.

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