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June 1st, 2014

Chakra Balance What The Ancients Knew

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It is a truth that we can not touch or see our chakras, but they are always working to assist sustain the human body. In order for the chakras to be in stability, the body needs to be nurtured appropriately with food and leisure so that it delights in good health. The seven chakras have certain foods that nourish them even more than others. Root vegetables and foods that are rich in protein and spices assist to nurture the root chakra. The sacral chakra that connect with the sexual and creative being is nourished by such foods as sweet fruits, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla and seeds such as sesame and caraway. Spicy mints, dairy products, yogurt, pastas, bread and cereals nurture the solar plexus chakra that influences our sense of self confidence and self love.

Love yourself: Unless you have the ability to love yourself, you will definitely not have the ability to accept love or love others. Love produces effective results on your mind and spirit which effect your chakra wellness favorably. Be attuned to your emotions. You need to acknowledge your feelings and have the ability to link them to others when required. Quelching your feelings is bad for your psychological or spiritual wellness and will cause blockages of negative energy in your chakras. Be imaginative: Bring your creativity into play in everything you do. This makes your life a more gratifying one and keeps your energy flow healthy.

Chakra Test is a type of test for the 7 centers of energy in the body and to discover which centers are open, over-active or under-active in receiving and transferring energies. According to science, these chakras are essential nerve ganglia which create from the spine chord and are actually points of energy which are placed in a vertical and straight line from the base of the spine upto the crown of the head.

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